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A few days ago, we had some really spectacular nice weather. Seriously, it was getting to the point of being TOO hot. It’s cooled down now, but here are some pics from those days. See the new bathing suit? I got it for like 10 bucks on ebay… never been worn! Cool, yeah? I thought so.

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Two days in a row my friends and I walked down to the freezing cold river and took a dip. It was utter bliss. It’s so unfortunate that I spend winter in this beautiful place and then go back home when it’s nice. Not that I don’t love Chicago in the city… but seeing as I ,really live in the outskirts with my dad, it’s not very fun in the summer, there’s no where outdoors-y to go! Sigh. Oh well, it will be nice to be with my high school friends again.

So, my darlings, what styles are you looking forward to this summer? I’m particularly interested in how you feel about bathing suits, but tell me about everything that’s sparked your interested! Comments help me grow!

Love you,


I have a lot of sequin clothes… there was that sequin dress that I wore in new york, the scarf with sequins on it that I wore that night I was a 1920’s Chicago flapper. And now… sequin leggings. This is good stuff, man.

Alright, I have a TON of pictures for you guys, I hope you really enjoy them.

The first outfit was my birthday outfit, the second was from my dad’s girlfriend. The third is focused on this awesome skirt I got at a thrift store, which I loveeee. The last is my sequin leggings!!! It’s a going out to party outfit, so I’m all jazzed up with my very trendy clothes. Grey suede boots: check. Sequins: check. Showing bandeau bra: check. Lace-back top: check. It’s allll there, lol.

Lastly is an outfit that’s pretty typical for me-I love the skirt thigh high combination. The sweater is a new addition however; my friend’s aunt let us go though some stuff she was giving away and this little treasure was in there! I love the way it lays-loose but flattering. Mmm, love.

Anyway, there’s a new boy. Let’s call him Cultural Theory.

Cultural Theory and I had a class together last semester, but we didn’t hang out really. He’s a sophomore and super cute. Haha. The past two or three weekends he’s found me at parties (okay so it’s not like I was hiding from him or anything) and danced with me. I liked that he didn’t immediately try to grind up on me or anything; we would just talk and dance kind of face to face not touching. It was sweet but also made me think that he didn’t like me “like that” or something. Which shows what low expectations I have of boys these days. On Saturday we were texting and I told him I didn’t want to go out to a party. So he asked if I wanted to go to snack bar (yay honeybuns and ice cream!) and watch a movie.

Almost like a real date, right?!! So exciting for me; seeing as I’m just used to guys drunkenly trying to feel me up at parties. Ew.

So I said yes, and we ended up back in his room watching Adventureland. Afterwords we talked for what seemed like an eternity, and then he kissed me. Yay! I spent that night, and the next in his room. He hasn’t asked me over since, which makes me question what’s going on… I hope he really likes me. We have been texting, and we’re supposed to go to dinner any minute.

I hope this works out and doesn’t turn into a weekend thing. What do you guys think? Been in similar situations?

Also, do you like the acid wash chambray? I don’t think it’s too too 80’s. Right?

Hit me up, Darlings!

Today was a bad day. A whole bunch of stuff is going on with my family–stuff that I can handle, but I just felt really upset about it today.

However, I got this skirt in the mail from my mom two days ago (I love her, she’s the greatest.) and I just had to put it up. I hope you guys like it! She also sent me sequin leggings. I have no idea what to wear them with!!! Any suggestions? I’m thinking a very plain white or grey tunic top or oversized button up shirt. Hmmm.


Leggings: Forever 21

Boots: Charlette Rousse, but they’re cheap and already scuffing. I don’t reccomend them; you can get higher quality of practically the same boots at somewhere like DSW or something.

Top: gifted

Skirt: gifted (Thanks mommy!)

Tonight I’m gonna watch a movie, hopefully that will make me feel better. Tomorrow I have to write a ten page paper that’s due monday! Thankfully it’s only winter study, which at my school means the expectations are very much lowered right now, ha.

I’d really like to hear some feedback guys, about the stuff I talk about, or the clothes I’m wearing, or asking things you want my opinion on. Really, it helps!

Thanks, Darlings.

Hey. I have new outfits for you, obviously.

Other than that, I am adoring Gossip Girl right now.

Except that Gossip Girl hasn’t actually spoken yet… which is quite bizarre to me.

K, here are the clothes…

Grey Boots: Charlotte Russe

Head Band: Charlotte Russe

Feather necklace: DIY!

Chain necklace: was my aunt’s in high school… you’ve seen it before

White tank: Thrifted

Embellished skirt: TJ Maxx

Silver Bangles and rings: gifted

Black bag: Thrifted. I just got it! I have to sew the handle though…

Tweed zipper skirt: Thirfted, originally Guess

Pink tank: borrowed (I love college…)

Double chain necklace: actually… I have no idea…

Mesh long sleeve sweater: Trifted, originally Express

Plaid top: Target

Studded belt: thrifted

Socks: Urban Outfitters

Shorts: TJ Maxx

Purple boots: Maurice’s

Rain boots: DSW

Red tank: gifted.. maybe? It’s really old


I wore the purple today, then changed into the red this evening because it was POURING out and I wanted to match my rain boots. I love these, but they don’t match a lot of stuff, which makes me sad. 😦

We ate Indian food for my entrymate’s birthday (<3 Carrie!) and it was delicious! Too bad I usually spend all of my money on clothes… Well… I’m actually not that sad about that. ;D

How are all of you darlings?

So… things have been really super crazy. Lots of homework. Lots of class. Lots of learning instruments. (xylophone and guitar)

Je t’aime

Dress: nordstrom gifted ❤

Shoes: thrifted

bracelet: you’ve seen this before

Earrings: stolen from one of my bffs 😛

It’s quite late… so… more tomorrow.

Hello darlings!

Today I have three outfits for you… one is from today Friday, one from Saturday, and the last is from today (Monday). I know I’ve been skipping around… and I’m sorry. I’m just a forgetful girl.

I also wore a really fantastic outfit when we went out saturday night, but I didn’t get a chance to take a picture of it. I’ll do that and put it up.


Top: TJ Maxx

Pants: Victoria’s Secret

Coat: Burlington Coat Factory

Necklace: Ohio Compfest

Headphones: WESC at Urban Outfitters


Dress: Forever21

Sweatshirt: Eastern Mountain Sports

Shoes: Charlotte Rousse

Over the Knee Socks: Urban Outfitters


Dress: Free Trade Store

Shoes: Charlette Rousse

Sweater: Bebe

Tank: TJ Maxx

Long Sleeve Brown Shirt: gifted

Long Necklace: Was actually my Aunts in high school. (Every early 90s)

Key Necklace: Strawberry Fair

Phew! I really love my headphones… I actually take them with me everywhere, because I love to always be listening to music.

Things have been so intense here… study all week long, party all weekend long. It’s quite exhausting, but wonderful.

When I went away to college, I left this guy that I had really liked. He always refused to actually date me, and so we would hook up whenever we were together, and it always made me really sad that we were never really dating. I always ended up feeling sort of used afterwords. But I liked him so much, I let it happen. Now I see that there’s nothing wrong with not being ‘officially boyfriend-girlfriend’ but at the time it really hurt. And now he’s texting me telling me he loves me, and misses me, and can’t live with out me. To be honest, it’s really pissing me off. Now I’m trying to meet college guys, and have a better, more stable emotional life, and here you are acting the way I would have loved for you to act three months ago. It’s sort of ridiculous.

Why do I have so many boy troubles???

So I started college… about two weeks ago. Which means that I never did all those things I said I was going to do. Sorry. :-/

But I’m back! Do you forgive me? Awesome. 😀

So my life so far…

Let me start by saying that being at college has given me the excuse that I need to shop online. Which is bad. You’ll be seeing some of my new stuff when it comes in the mail. Which should be some time this week.

My classes are fantastic, and I’ve met absolutely wonderful people. Everyone is so interesting and fun. Plus the boys are super cute.

Speaking of boys…. I just don’t understand them. (boys are girls not understanding one another?? That’s revolutionary!) They think that life has to be so strict: either you’re in a relationship, and it’s super-serious, or you can’t like each other at all. Why can’t two people getting to know one another accept that they have chemistry, and things just happen how they happen? I have no problem with that. I think I might have given a guy the impression that I did, but that was because I was startled and confused. So now I don’t know what to do. Now we act like just friends, but I know that they’re something there. If I tell him, I could ruin our balance. If I never say anything… we may never have anything. It’s not like I want a relationship… I just want… acknowledgment. Does that make any sense? No? Sorry, I’ll move on.

I’m a little nervous that I’ve overloaded myself on my classwork. Everyone seems to have a lighter load than me, and it’s making rather worried. But this is what I do… so let’s just see what happens, shall we?

I’m sure your’ll all wondering what I’m wearing today (or your not at all… which is cool I guess…) so here it is:

Shoes: Thrifted

Dress: Charlotte Russe

Pearls: My great grandmothers

Shawl: Express

Bracelet: Gifted

I love this dress. ❤ It always makes me feel pretty when I’m down. Unfortunatly I’ve spent most of the day in my common room, so people don’t know how cute I look, haha. It’s like disney knew that a Jonas marathon would distract me. They totally did it on purpose.

Sorry I’ve been gone… I spent the weekend with my best friend. It was her graduation party, and then on Sunday she and I spent the day together. I missed her. In fact, I miss her again. I don’t know what I’m going to do without her at school. She’s such a doll, and she’s helped me through a lot over the years.

I wore a really cute outfit to the party, which I will post… by the end of the week. >.<

Is anybody else wanting to watch gossip girl season three RIGHT NOW! Not in like a month. *pout*

Here’s today’s outfit. It’s boring because the weather is exhausting, so I jazzed it up with Photo Booth, lolz.

The jewelery is my mothers. The top is Forever21, and the jeans are Hollister.

I miss my closet. Can’t wait to go home on Wednesday!

Anyone get the Rupert Grint reference? ANYONE???

Today…. I practice driving. Yes, I’m 18 in the US. No, I don’t have my license. The reason? An innate fear of hurting other people, and an incident in 4th grade where I drove into my aunt’s garage. ‘Nough said. So my dad’s gf is picking me up at two, and we are going to drive. Hopefully I’m going to take the test (at last) next week, so keep your fingers crossed for me. I think we’re parallel parking today, so keep your fingers crossed for the car, too.

Anyway, here’s what I’m wearing today.

The dress is from Maureses, the bag is an old one found in my Grandmother’s basement. The belt and jewelry are my mother’s. The dress is actually my mother’s too, which is why it’s a little big. But I think the belt helps.

See ya later! (if I survive practice)

So today I have lunch with my dad’s girlfriend, after which she is taking me to buy a pair of Uggs as my going-away-to-college present. It took me a very long time to jump on to the Ugg band wagon, during which trying them on and feeling the soft fur against my toes. 🙂 I don’t really think they’re all that cute, but I do think they look nice with a pair of skinnies or a dress/skirt and leggings. It’s true that they’re great when it’s oh-so-cold outside. So I caved.

I’m getting the light colored, ankle-high ones, because I think they look less bulky.

ANYWAYS! This is what I’m wearing today. The dress and glasses are from Forever21, the bracelets and rings are a mix of old things of mine and my mom’s. The necklace is one that I got at a strawberry festival (haha) and it matches one that my best friend got. ❤ The dress is a go-to item, it’s good for casual days as well as minor interviews, or a day party. I love the way it fits, which is why it’s so shocking that it’s actually a large shirt! I don’t know how that works, but that’s what the woman in the dressing room told me; it’s true, I checked the tag! It was only 12 bucks, and I wear it all the time. The sunglasses work well for me because I love bright colors and big shades! I think they work with just about everything.

What’s even better is that I can throw on a jacket, tights/leggings, and some boots, and it falls right into fall! Because of the many colors in the dress, I can throw anything on with it. So fun!