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I don’t usually just show off other people’s work but this really struck a cord with me today.

I AGREE 110%. I like things because I like them; I don’t freaking care if they are mainstream or obscure or what. And my opinion will not change about it unless my taste changes. UGH.

I’m still in a sort of rough patch, but I’ll have more outfits within the next couple of days.


I know…

You hate me.

I was gone for a long time.

See here’s the thing… I am really, really new to this whole BLOGGING thing. And… well… I thought, “what’s the point if no one is reading this anyways?” And then I saw that wordpress was putting comments into a spam section and not telling me about them at all. And they were not spam. They were you guys. D:<

Sad, I know.

So, here I am. Wiser. Older. More cool. Basically, back in action.

If you are still reading, please comment below. I promise to respond, even if I haven’t before.

It’s really late but I promise that tomorrow I will update you on some new life developments. Cool? Cool.

I love all of you Darlings hanging around out there, and I can’t wait to get to know you.

Good morning, Darlings.

Last night my mom, her boyfriend, and I went out to see Julie & Julia. As you probably know, the movie is parcially about a woman who writes a blog. In the movie, she struggles with the fact that a blog is a very self-centered-narcissistic- thing to do. You write about yourself; get the impression that people want to hear about you. But I don’t want to become utterly self-absorbed. So I’ll try not to. All of you, if anybody reads this yet, should tell me about yourself. Let’s make this a group thing.

And in my life, I’ll do my best to see things from  a position other than my own. Hopefully that will keep me grounded.

Daddy, I miss you… I love you… I’d like to come home soon.