Hey guys! Okay, so I will have new outfits up for you by the weekend, but for now, I thought we would pretend I have unlimited amounts of money again… because I just really like that game. This one is summer themed! It’s not quite as expensive as the last one I don’t think… Here we goooo…..

Alright, so who doesn’t love a vintage looking swimsuit? I actually got one off of Ebay a bit ago, and a wide brimmed hat I ordered just came in the mail the other day! EXCITING!!! So hopefully I’ll have pics of that up soon.

I love the color lilac. Actually, any shade of purple is just perfection to me. It looks good on every skin tone, and is just so pretty and feminine. lovelovelove.

This outfit makes me think of vacationing somewhere tropical and fabulous. Ahh, if only, if only the woodpecker cried.

Now this outfit is a little fancier, something for a formal night out, or a high-end date or something. I added the belt because while I love the floral, pretty look of this dress, I hate when clothes don’t have any sort of appreciation of the female form. Especially for a night out!

This last outfit is a bit tougher, more gothic-rebel then my other looks. Which I do like, believe it or not. Actually, this style was sort of my favorite all through junior high and the first two years of high school. (does this surprise you guys? It surprises most of my friends who have only known me in college.) It’s still a style that interests me, even if I like the light, vintages looks more now-a-days.

So what do you guys think? Do you plan on wearing any looks like these this summer? Tell me what you think in the comments and don’t forget to check me out at http://www.formspring.me/dressdarling.

Love you darlings