Hey guys! So, there are a ton of movies I really want to see, including:
~Almost Famous (Did you know that Zooey Deschanel was in this movie? I didn’t! She’s my hero, legit.)
~Strike! (otherwise known as All I Wanna Do?! I dunno, it’s got Kristen Dunst in it.)
~Kick Ass
~An Education
~Titanic (I haven’t seen it since it came out when I was seven. Ack! )

Does anyone have other movie suggestions? I’m obsessed with watching movies, haha.

And now, more cream and black. As I told you, I’m obsessed!

I also got a dress that’s black with little dog faces on it in cream from Anthropologie (birthday gift, thanks Auntie!). I know it sounds silly, but it’s great I promise! When it’s warm again I’ll bust it out and show it to you guys.

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This dress is a BCBG dress that three of my aunts came together and bought me for my birthday a few years ago. I never wore it in high school because I felt too dressed up, but now I’m loving it! It was actually a little too chilly for the dress, so I had my longish black sweater (the one I wear ALL THE TIME) on over it whenever I was outside. The pin and pearls were my great great grandmothers (I miss you Nanny) and the heels I’ve had for a long time, I can’t remember where they’re from. The bow I’ve been wearing nonstop since spring break, from Claire’s.
I was slightly concerned that with the heels, the pearls, the pin, and the bow that the outfit would be a little to sweet and vintagey, but I personally like the outcome. What do you guys think?

Well, that’s all for now! Life has been crazy, but I should have some more posts coming up this week, even if they’re not what I’m wearing. Anything you guys would like me to talk about?

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Love ya Darlings,