Okay… so I really like this outfit! I was really excited about it when I put it together yesterday morning. And then I walked into my kitchen and my dad goes, “Dodi, that outfit doesn’t work at all!” and I stared at him like he was on drugs. Because this outfit totally works! He went, “The top and skirt are fine, but purple? With black and white?” What colors am I supposed to wear with purple?! I just don’t understand at all. I think I snapped at him a little, just because I like this outfit so much, haha. You guys let me know what you think.

(don’t forget you can click on the pictures to see a bigger version of them)

Since I’m home on spring break, I’m missing my photographer. But the amazing lighting I get in my room practically makes up for it!!!

I went shopping with two of my good friends at the mall. (first time I’ve been to a legit mall in months! Damn Williams…) I spent wayyy too much money on some spring trendy stuff, which will be debuted shortly. But I almost bought the pants version of these:


except that they were dark grey with pink flowers. It was a little much in the end, and one of my friends said they looked like PJ pants, which totally turned me off… But now I’m kind of liking this shorts version, haha. Too bad I already spent too much money.

Lastly, I lost my big glasses, and they’re not being sold at urban anymore, which is pretty devastating. On the plus side, I think I found new different ones on urban for only ten bucks, so I’m debating getting those.

What do you guys think of the shorts? And also, it was totally silly of my dad to hate the  purple, right? Please, please comment. Also, check me out on formspring!

Later Darlings!