I have a lot of sequin clothes… there was that sequin dress that I wore in new york, the scarf with sequins on it that I wore that night I was a 1920’s Chicago flapper. And now… sequin leggings. This is good stuff, man.

Alright, I have a TON of pictures for you guys, I hope you really enjoy them.

The first outfit was my birthday outfit, the second was from my dad’s girlfriend. The third is focused on this awesome skirt I got at a thrift store, which I loveeee. The last is my sequin leggings!!! It’s a going out to party outfit, so I’m all jazzed up with my very trendy clothes. Grey suede boots: check. Sequins: check. Showing bandeau bra: check. Lace-back top: check. It’s allll there, lol.

Lastly is an outfit that’s pretty typical for me-I love the skirt thigh high combination. The sweater is a new addition however; my friend’s aunt let us go though some stuff she was giving away and this little treasure was in there! I love the way it lays-loose but flattering. Mmm, love.

Anyway, there’s a new boy. Let’s call him Cultural Theory.

Cultural Theory and I had a class together last semester, but we didn’t hang out really. He’s a sophomore and super cute. Haha. The past two or three weekends he’s found me at parties (okay so it’s not like I was hiding from him or anything) and danced with me. I liked that he didn’t immediately try to grind up on me or anything; we would just talk and dance kind of face to face not touching. It was sweet but also made me think that he didn’t like me “like that” or something. Which shows what low expectations I have of boys these days. On Saturday we were texting and I told him I didn’t want to go out to a party. So he asked if I wanted to go to snack bar (yay honeybuns and ice cream!) and watch a movie.

Almost like a real date, right?!! So exciting for me; seeing as I’m just used to guys drunkenly trying to feel me up at parties. Ew.

So I said yes, and we ended up back in his room watching Adventureland. Afterwords we talked for what seemed like an eternity, and then he kissed me. Yay! I spent that night, and the next in his room. He hasn’t asked me over since, which makes me question what’s going on… I hope he really likes me. We have been texting, and we’re supposed to go to dinner any minute.

I hope this works out and doesn’t turn into a weekend thing. What do you guys think? Been in similar situations?

Also, do you like the acid wash chambray? I don’t think it’s too too 80’s. Right?

Hit me up, Darlings!