Tuesday was my birthday, and I had such a good time! My friends did wonderful things for me (joined me for dinner, sang to me, lovely presents). It’s so strange to be 19… I feel like 18 flew by. 19 is such a sad age: you’re almost done being a teenager, it’s not really an exciting age nothing special comes with it. Kind of a let down after the oh-so-exciting 18. Nevertheless, I had a good time.

Even more exciting is that my dad surprised me this past weekend by flying out to visit me. I had no idea he was coming!! I had been missing him a lot lately, so it was really really nice to see him. His girlfriend came too, and she’s so sweet and lovely. We went to the (awful) mall by my college so that my dad could get me a birthday present; the only store really worth while there is New York and Company, so that’s where we ended up. I got a very classic grey and purple argyle front cardigan, as well as an acid wash chambray tunic. I usually hate acid wash, but this tunic is unbelievably cute. I wore it on my birthday, and lots of compliments were given. I’ll have pictures of that soon. (my photographer hasn’t emailed them to me yet, ahaha)

Presents from the rest of my family should be slowly coming through the mail over the next week or so, which means I’ll have a good amount of new clothing to show off soon.

What do you guys usually ask for around birthday time? I always ask for clothes; shocking I know!

Can’t wait to hear from you, darlings!