Alright kiddies. Today’s post comes in two parts. Part one is the Olypmic Gala formal that we had at my school, and what I wore!

Part two is a little bit into my observations about trends for this Spring. I’ve been seeing some trends forming and thought I would jump in with some ideas.


So first of all, I had the Gala the other night. It was so much fun getting to dress up and go out with my friends. It was a refreshing change from party clothes and such. While I usually go for a vintage vibe when it comes to formal wear, I decided to change it up this time around. My dad’s girlfriend had given me this dress over the summer and this was my first time ever wearing it. I was a little nervous about it but I think it turned out all right. I wanted my outfit to suit the event, which was very classy. We had (fake) gambling table where people got to play with pretend money. There was a mocktail (virgin cocktail) bar, and also a dance floor with a DJ. Before the show were went to an A Cappella concert, which was a blast. Here it is!

The dress is from Bebe. Do you guys like it? What is your favorite style of evening wear?


Alright, so Spring is awesome for fashion. It has the largest collection of things that I personally love about fashion: light layers, lace, floral prints, girly pieces, pale or faded colors. Overall, Spring just has a romantic, vintage feel about it that I love.

So lets start with light layers; I think that Spring is the perfect time to break out those brightly colored tights that you’ve been nervous about wearing. As you guys have seen, I really like tights and don’t shy away from the good stuff (bright pink, anyone?) but if you don’t have poppy ones, and color will do. And on those warm days, lets break out those bare legs! Being able to walk outside bare-legged might just be my favorite part of late Spring. Just don’t do it too soon or people will wonder if you’ve lost your mind.

Next, lace. I think lace is so wonderful and girly…so long as you don’t overdue it. Lace accents are best, not all over lace. Unless it is a lace dress (I want one so bad!!!!) But if you do opt for a lace dress, make sure it is short, and not overwhelming. You don’t want to look like  a grandmother.

FLORALS!!! Floral prints are wonderful, in any size, shape, color, WHATEVER. Just do it, you’ll look fab.

Girly pieces: Spring is the perfect time you you to break out the delicate necklaces, pearl earrings, flowers in your hair, so on and so forth. These touches really enhance a look.

Well, that’s all I’ve got. Hope you guys like this, and let me know what you think about my comments on trends.  Would you rather I talked about trends more, or my life? A combination of both? Pictures with examples? Suggestions are loved.