Today was a bad day. A whole bunch of stuff is going on with my family–stuff that I can handle, but I just felt really upset about it today.

However, I got this skirt in the mail from my mom two days ago (I love her, she’s the greatest.) and I just had to put it up. I hope you guys like it! She also sent me sequin leggings. I have no idea what to wear them with!!! Any suggestions? I’m thinking a very plain white or grey tunic top or oversized button up shirt. Hmmm.


Leggings: Forever 21

Boots: Charlette Rousse, but they’re cheap and already scuffing. I don’t reccomend them; you can get higher quality of practically the same boots at somewhere like DSW or something.

Top: gifted

Skirt: gifted (Thanks mommy!)

Tonight I’m gonna watch a movie, hopefully that will make me feel better. Tomorrow I have to write a ten page paper that’s due monday! Thankfully it’s only winter study, which at my school means the expectations are very much lowered right now, ha.

I’d really like to hear some feedback guys, about the stuff I talk about, or the clothes I’m wearing, or asking things you want my opinion on. Really, it helps!

Thanks, Darlings.