Today was a lazy day. I literally did nothing. Which is a shame because I look cute, damn it. I really like these tights, and this sweater is a christmas gift.

Sorry for the general crappiness of these pictures… I really need to find a well light place to take these photos without wounding my own pride. Hm….

[u]The Works[/u]

Dress: TJ-Maxx

Sweater: gifted

Tights: Modcloth

Boots: a thrift sale ($2.00 for nice cowboy boots!!!!)

In other news, I went on a real date with the boy (I’m naming him Mr. Popular) last night. We ate sushi and argued about whether or not the phrase “March: in like a lion, out like a lamb” made sense. Obviously it does, he’s just a crazy person. I had a lot of fun, and I hope that he feels the same way. I like him a lot, but I have this strange intuition that he’s not going to make any sort of moves towards commitment any time soon. I mean, I know that we are at that point where if either of us hooked up with anyone else, confusion and anger to be had. But an actual “Hey do you want to be my girlfriend? Be facebook official?” conversation? Hasn’t happened. And even though we’ve only been hanging out for about two weeks, and that’s not very long, I still feel like he’s never going to initiate this conversation.

Now, I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking, “well then maybe you should start the conversation. Take charge! Be a woman!”

Well, I know this is terrible, but when it comes to relationships, I am not a feminist. I am a very, very old fashioned girl. I like boys who lean in for the first kiss, and open doors, and want to drive, and ask me out on dates, and order at restaurants, and at least try to pay (sometimes splitting is good.), and asks me to be his girlfriend. I know. It’s pathetic; guys like a girl who takes charge. Well, too bad. Suck it up.

Maybe that sounds a little silly and harsh. Maybe I should get over myself and take charge. But I just can’t do it. I like things that way. Plus, he would probably be weirded out by me asking, no? I dunno. Ugg.

What do you Darlings think? Should I ask him, or wait to be asked? Let me know in the comments.