So I just got these FANTASTIC glasses in the mail today… and I love them! They are a -tad- larger on my face than I would have liked, but they still rock. When I go home over christmas, I’m going to take them to eye doctor and ask if they will make them prescription (I wear contacts now). I’ve heard that some will.

Here you go darlings:

Necklace: from a traveling jewelry vendor that stopped on campus

Rings: gifted

skirt: Abercrombie and Fitch Outlet (10 bucks!!!)

Tank: TJ Maxx

Sweater: Gifted

How is everyone’s lives? I personally am missing home, and my family, and my best friend. I havn’t talked to her in a couple days, and it sucks.

See also, I still cannot find my wallet… which deeply concerns me. Ugg.