Hello darlings!

Today I have three outfits for you… one is from today Friday, one from Saturday, and the last is from today (Monday). I know I’ve been skipping around… and I’m sorry. I’m just a forgetful girl.

I also wore a really fantastic outfit when we went out saturday night, but I didn’t get a chance to take a picture of it. I’ll do that and put it up.


Top: TJ Maxx

Pants: Victoria’s Secret

Coat: Burlington Coat Factory

Necklace: Ohio Compfest

Headphones: WESC at Urban Outfitters


Dress: Forever21

Sweatshirt: Eastern Mountain Sports

Shoes: Charlotte Rousse

Over the Knee Socks: Urban Outfitters


Dress: Free Trade Store

Shoes: Charlette Rousse

Sweater: Bebe

Tank: TJ Maxx

Long Sleeve Brown Shirt: gifted

Long Necklace: Was actually my Aunts in high school. (Every early 90s)

Key Necklace: Strawberry Fair

Phew! I really love my headphones… I actually take them with me everywhere, because I love to always be listening to music.

Things have been so intense here… study all week long, party all weekend long. It’s quite exhausting, but wonderful.

When I went away to college, I left this guy that I had really liked. He always refused to actually date me, and so we would hook up whenever we were together, and it always made me really sad that we were never really dating. I always ended up feeling sort of used afterwords. But I liked him so much, I let it happen. Now I see that there’s nothing wrong with not being ‘officially boyfriend-girlfriend’ but at the time it really hurt. And now he’s texting me telling me he loves me, and misses me, and can’t live with out me. To be honest, it’s really pissing me off. Now I’m trying to meet college guys, and have a better, more stable emotional life, and here you are acting the way I would have loved for you to act three months ago. It’s sort of ridiculous.

Why do I have so many boy troubles???