Is what my waitress at Ed Debevic’s this afternoon, where I went to said lunch with my dad’s girlfriend. Now, if you don’t live in the area, then you probably need me to explain Ed D.’s to you. The style is 50’s diner, and the waitresses are supposed to be rude. They throw your straws at you, make fun of your meal choices, and snap their gum at you. Our waitress stomped over to us, shoved hats on our heads, and snarled, “There, now you look cuter!” To which my dad’s girlfriend responded, “hurry up with our food!”

I went there with my class in 5th grade, and they let us dance on the bar. So yeah, the place is great fun.

After that we went into the shopping district and walked around, complaining about how broke we were and how much money we would spend on clothes if we were rich. Here are the stores we went into:

Diesel: cute stuff, pretty pricey. Not ridiculous, but more then I would spend on a regular basis. A lot of darker colors, very hip. Had a very “I’m not trying at all, I just threw this on” feel to it. My favorite dress was this one: DRAFIL

Urban Outfitters: This store lives to make me crazy. I loved nine out of ten pieces in there, but of course… I was to broke to pick anything up. Here are some die-fors:

Floral Circle Dress

Kimchi Blue Vintage Tweed Dress (Although I admit that one looked better on the hanger than it does on this model… hmm)

Kimchi Blue Floral Fit and Flare Dress

Silence & Noise Satellite Moto Jacket

BDG Chambray Button Front Skirt

Kimchi Blue Madras Skirt

Along with many, many other things.

We also went into a few other stores that we happened to see, that we had never heard of before. All of these ended up being insanely priced. (500 bucks a thin t-shirt) So that was highly amusing.

Finally, we hit the Ugg store. So here are my soft new boots:

They feel like heaven on my feet. šŸ™‚ I think it’s funny that the little card in the box says they keep your feet at body temperature in the hot and cold. I can’t imagine wearing these in the midsts of summer!

But I’m still bittersweet about the fact that I don’t have endless amounts of money to buy clothes with. =P

Oh well!